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  1. 2005.08Established 'Silicon and Systems'
  2. 2005.11Introduction of 'Bake Seal Oven for LCD'
  3. 2006.08Re-formation as GAHA Co., LTD
  4. 2006.09Introduction of '3D Inspection Module for LCD Array, Color Filter'
  5. 2006.12Initial Development of 'High Speed Auto Focus Module'
  6. 2007.12Introduction of 'Metrology/Inspection System for Wafer Bumps'
  7. 2008.01Initial Development of '3D Optical Inspection Module for LCD
                   Panel Particles'
  8. 2009.09Initial Development of 'LED PSS Pattern Inspection System'
  9. 2010.06Initial Development of 'LED Package 3D Inspection'
  10. 2011.07Relocation the Head office to U-Tower in Yongin City
  11. 2012.04Initial Delivery of 'LED PSS PTN Inspector' to China
  12. 2012.07Initial Development of 'Pattern Roll Inspection System'
  13. 2012.11Introduction of 'LED Fluorescent Material Measurement System'