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Auto Focus
the Auto Focus module is a device that can trace the focal point of specimens with high speed. the module can also find the accurate position of focus using ‘TTL(through the lens) methods’ which shares the same optical axis with microscopes. It operates not only between atube lens and aCCD camera but also between an objective lens and atube lens of infinity corrected optical microscopes. Optical triangulation methods are especially suited for measurements on surfaces with glass-like reflection properties
Auto Focus Module for Machine Vision
  • High Speed Auto Focus at Fine Focus
    - Metrology → Getting Exact Data
    - Inspection → Fast Detection on the large surface
  • “High Speed Auto Focus Module” → Higher Tact Time → Higher → Efficency →
    Reduce Production Cost
  • Auto Focus module can prevent re-designing of optic system for X-Y Stage flatness error
Auto Focus Module – Applications
  • Laser repair Equipment of LCD/Photo mask
    Applying Auto Focus Modul to the microscope to reduce focus time before measuring a spot to be repaired. Tact time can be reduced from 2~3 secs to 0.5sec.
  • AOI Equipment of LCD/OLED
    Applying Auto Focus Module to eliminate defocused area and also to reduce focus time to re measured by line CCD camera.
  • Open /short tester of LCD Panel
    Applying Auto Focus Module to the non-contacting type O/S tester to maintain constant gap of the measured points.
  • LED Chip Inspection
    Applying Auto Focus Module for the prescan of the LED wafer chip to check the height variation of the LED chip before scan by CCD Camera
  • Non-contact 3D profile measurement: Laser
    Confocal Scanning Microscope
  • Changeable S/W and GUI as customer’s request
  • The best Nano level 3D Measuring Module
Measurement Examples
  • Micro level 3D Chromatic Confocal Sensor
  • Shape/Surface(2D, 3D), Measuring Depth and Vibration of transparent specimen
  • vPoint Sensor & Line Sensor
  • Application Area : Thickness & Roughness, Level Control, On-line Inspection
Model CL1 CL2 CL3 OP020 OP300VM OP6000
Nominal Measuring range (㎛) 100 300 1100 20 300 6000
Working distance (㎜) 3.3 11 12.7 0.37 5 27.3
Axial resolution (㎛) 0.005 0.012 0.025 0.002 0.010 0.200
Axial accuracy (㎛) 0.02 0.06 0.2 0.010 0.090 03600
Max object slope [deg] +/-43 +/-28 +/-27 +/-48 +/-25 +/-22