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Film Thickness, 3D Profile, and Resistance Test in one Equipment
Quality Inspection of Laser Scribing Line
EL Inspection / EL Sorter
PV Cell Surface Inspection and Measurement with Vision System
'-Cell Color, Coating Thickness, Cell Geometry, Surface Damage, Crack Inspection
Item Item Feature
System Size <10,000(L) * 1.300 (W) * 1900 (H) Variable
Cell size 156 x 156mm
Cell thickness 160 ㎛
Cell type Multi crystalline & Single crystalline-si
UPH 180/hour with one Cell Tester Continuous mode
Cell breakage <0.10% @>170um
Loading >4 loading (Max.400Cell/mag) Option
Test & Inspection 1. Cell Efficiency
2. Front-side inspection
3. Color inspection
4. Options (Back Surfgce inspc)
Customer options
Sorting 32 Bin (100 Cell/Bin, option for more) Reject embeded
System Configuration
Optical System Configuration #1
Optical System Configuration #2
Automatic Inspection Equipment for Solar Wafer after Wire Sawing and cleaning
Measurement of Wafer Geometry and Inspection of Surface & Side of wafer
Automatic Measurement of Warp’ Bow, TTV, Thickness, Saw mark and Automatic Wafer Sorting
Products Specification
Size 1300 (W) * 6345 (L) * 1900 (H)
Wafer size 156 x 156mm ± 1mm
Wafer thickness 180 ~ 250 ㎛
UPH 2,400 Wf/Hr
Wafer Breakage <0.2%(>180 ㎛)
Wafer Loader 4 Magazines [Bernoulli Picker]
Test & Function Geometry & surface inspection [μ-crack]
11M Area Scan / 8k Line Scan
Resistivity & Thickness [1,3 HEAD]
Wafer Sorting & Unloader Reject Bin #2 [4EA]
2 Cassette Magazines
Pitch 290mm ⇒ 220mm ⇒ 290mm
Transfer Line 1Line ⇒ 2Line [Bottom up Type]